Life is Fleeting

Life is Fleeting
Lovers today happiness at play,
Strangers tomorrow sadness ensues,
Hearts gone astray,
Words spoken but not heard,
Hurt behind the eyes,
Souls feel lost,
Backs being turned,
Yearning for each other,
Will they ever learn,
Life is Fleeting
Second chances given,
The story has no ending.
♡Stormy Anne Brown♡


Wasted Time

Wasted Time
My feelings are real,
Emotions run raw,
Thoughts are deep,
Heart has turned to steel,
Veins flow with ice,
My heart full of grief,
My hopes and dreams dashed,
Nothing left to feel,
I am an empty shell,
Nowhere left to turn,
Time to walk away,
Forgetting all of this,
Waste of time.
♡Stormy Anne Brown♡

Misled Angel

Misled Angel
You had a tie that binded you,
No matter what I did,
It was never good enough,
She was always there,
You should of never reeled me in,
You never intended to keep me,
Now I am wrapped in a blanket of pain,
My pillow is tear soaked,
My heart is twisted in two,
Here I stand alone an,
Innocent lover used and tossed aside,
Like a broken Angel,
You took my heaven away,
Leaving me feeling empty and confused,
Broken down with no saftey net.
♡Stormy Anne Brown♡

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly
Oh sweetheart don’t,
Get lost in his heart,
You are one of a kind,
Don’t change for,
nothing and noone,
Hold on tight to your identity,
You are the dragonfly,
You have transformed,
Into a beautiful unique,
Force of nature,
Oh sweetheart your shine,
Is your anchor,
No matter how bumpy life gets,
Stand tall in the middle of,
The storm calm as can be,
You will arrive into your future,
As strong as the sea.
♡Stormy Anne Brown♡

Oh Those Winter Days

Oh Those Winter Days
I want snowball fights ,
In the daylight,
Magical hot cocoa winter nights,
Lover’s delights in,
The hour of midnight,
Horse drawn carriages,
Gliding gracefully accross,
Fluffy white snowy fleilds.
Ice-skaters racing around,
The freshly iced over pond,
Kids making igloos,
All around in the afernoon,
Beautiful snow kissed snow angels,
Dusting the frozen ground,
Not making a sound,
As I glance around,
I slowly smile to myself,
Briskly walking away into,
The cold winter’s night.
☃Stormy Anne Brown☃

The Web that Weaves Us

The Web that Weaves Us
The hand of fate moves us,
We never meet by accident,
Destiny brings us together,
As the fates allow it,
Our spirits flow and entwine,
By the thread that binds us,
The time we have spent,
It was always ment,
It was always our destination,
As we fell in love,
There was no need for explanation,
Our desire mends us,
It was our job to make it work.
As the stars aligned us.
♡Stormy Anne Brown♡